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In 1980, a young wrangler named Tom left the small town in Delaware where he grew up and headed west to Gallup, New Mexico, on Highway 66 in a van lettered, appropriately enough, “HAVE GUNS – WILL TRAVEL”.  Later having the opportunity of  working for Gurley Moter Company in Gallup, N.M.


After 12 years in Gallup, the gunslinger then moseyed on over to Albuquerque in 1992 for good where he founded “Lucky Stripes”, a shop where his talents as a painter and graphic design artist could be given full throat.  Levi Valdez saddled up as Lucky Stripes’ number one hand in 1999.



They later added a sign shop.  Office Manager and sign technician Angie Hamblin joind up during 2000, and logo design specialist Gretchen Garcia joined the posse in 2003. When the trail boss needed more help, Jeromy Gonzales was added as our next trail hand in 2009.



Who knows where the trail leads next?  YEEEE…Ha!  Giddy Up!

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